Understanding Water Back-up Coverage

Alysia Brooks

Even though it is one of the most common causes of loss, water back-up of sewers and drains is one of the most misunderstood aspects of insurance.

What does your standard homeowner’s policy cover?

With very few exceptions, water damage inside your home is not a covered peril.  Accidental rupture of the home’s plumbing pipes or sudden damage to your roof allowing rain to get into your home the resulting water damage is usually covered, but water damage from most other causes is not covered.

What does the back up of sewers & drains endorsement cover?

With the back up of sewers and drains endorsement, your homeowner’s coverage is broadened to include coverage for damage caused by water backing up through your sewers or drains. It also gives coverage for water damage caused by sump pump malfunctions.

Important Note:

Flooding is never covered under a homeowner’s policy regardless of whether or not you have the water back-up endorsement.  To see the definition of flood, click here. Flood Insurance is available through a separate policy.

Damage caused by water that seeps or leaks through the foundation walls is not covered. If you have   water that leaks or seeps into your basement through the foundation walls, check to be sure your eve spouts and down spouts are functioning properly. If that does not solve the problem, contact a foundation professional to help assess where the water is coming from and what needs to be done to correct it before structural damage occurs.

Contact your Mathews Insurance agent today at 740-593-5573 to discuss this risk. Adding the back-up of sewers & drains endorsement is often very inexpensive and could save you time and money in the long run.

The coverages described above are general descriptions and may very company to company. Refer to your agent for actual coverages.




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