The Importance of Higher Auto Liability Limits

Alysia Brooks

Just reading the title you might think, "Great, another agent trying to sell me on paying even more for my insurance than I already am." You will actually find that it is much more affordable to carry the higher limits than you think. You might also think, "I don't


need higher limits because I'm usually a careful driver and I've never been in an accident before so wouldn't $25,000 be enough to pay for someone's medical bills if I cause an accident?" Consider the following points on why carrying higher limits is important and why you should consider increasing them.

If you are at fault in an accident and the other party is taken by medical life flight, that cost alone can be $15,000 to well over $50,000 depending on the distance travelled, how many medical staff are on the flight, etc. Then there are the costs of the hospital, doctor’s bills, physical therapy, missing work and lost wages; just to name a few of the costs that you will be expected to pay. Those state minimum limits most likely will leave you responsible for paying for the rest of the costs.

Keep your eyes on the road, but I’m guessing that SUV you just passed on the highway costs more than the state minimum property damage limit of $25,000. You have your own car payment to make; do you really want to pay that person’s payment too?

Your auto insurance isn't just something you HAVE to pay every month or every year, it is protection for you and others. Your well being is our number one concern so really consider your agents advice to carry those higher liability limits.

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