Spring has arrived! Here's your homeowner's to-do list!

Posted by Alysia Brady

After a harsh and seemingly never ending winter, spring has finally arrived! As a responsible homeowner, there are several chores that should be completed during the spring season. The Cincinnati Insurance Company has provided the to-do list below to ensure your property is properly maintained to decrease the probability of a liability claim.

Roof - A roofer should check for shingles that are lifting, curling, missing or that have granular loss. You should also clean the debris and moss off of your roof as well as clean out your gutters to decrease future damage. (Don't forget about any other buildings you may have on your property!)

Siding & gutters - This one is a no brainer. You should fix the loose, damaged or missing siding on your house or other buildings. It is also important to fix or replace any damaged gutters or fascia.

Exterior Paint - Now that the weather is improving, it is a great time to apply that coat of paint you've been waning to add. This won't only make your home look better, it will also better protect your home from the elements.

Windows - Check your windows seal to decrease energy loss in the coming warmer months. Check the caulking around the windows as well as the basement windows where water may be able to seep in.

Railings - It is important to make sure all hand rails around your home are sturdy.

Sidewalks & driveways - The changing weather may cause your sidewalks or driveways to crack or shift. These should be fixed to keep your friends and family safe from possible injury.

Outdoor lighting - Be sure your porches and steps are well lit.

Play equipment - Check for sturdiness and/or damages to your kids play equipment. Fix any gaps in fences caused by the cold weather.

Other equipment - It is very important to clean out your dryer vents to prevent fire. Also, have your air conditioner serviced before you put it to use. Check your water pipes for any leakage. Lastly, check batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as well as your sump pump.

(The information above was obtained from the Cincinnati Insurance Company blog http://blog.cinfin.com/2014/04/08/spring-fix-ups/#more-1635 written by Laura Lewis)

Happy Spring!

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