Renters Insurance

Alysia Brady

Renters Insurance is important and very affordable! Even though it is already inexpensive, here are 4 tips to save you even more!

1. Renters/Car Discount - If you insure your renters and car insurance with the same company, you will often become eligible for a package discount.

2. EFT Payments - Most Companies charge $5 per bill through the mail! Setting up your policy to automatically withdraw your payments through a debit or credit card can give you an additional discount!

3. Deductibles - Raising your deductible can save you money and also encourage you not to make small claims that can increase your premium. Be sure to choose a deductible you are comfortable with, though.

4. Credit Rating - Most companies run what we call an insurance score which is partly based off of your credit score. Be sure your credit is in good shape.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask your independent insurance agent what other discounts are available to you! Contact a Mathews Insurance agent today to discuss your renters insurance and auto insurance policies at 740-593-5573 or via our website!

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