Raccoon Creek Partnership Recipient of Donation

Alysia Brooks

Raccoon Creek Partnership recipient of $1000 donation!

     The winner of the drawing had the opportunity to choose a registered not-for-profit organization serving Athens or Morgan counties to be the recipient of a $1000 donation! We drew on September 1st, 2014 and the winner was Frederick Daniel Jr.! Frederick chose the Raccoon Creek Partnership to receive the $1000 donation.

     The Raccoon Creek Partnership is a local non-profit group that works to publicize Raccoon Creek. They work diligently to establish water quality restoration and protection. A large part of the RCP is the Raccoon Creek Water Trail Association who promotes paddling and water recreation.  Raccoon Creek is located in Appalachia, Ohio, primarily flowing through Vinton and Gallia counties, but the watershed is also in Meigs, Athens, Jackson and Hocking Counties. The 112 Mile creek is the third longest stream and discharges into the Ohio River. The long history of resource extraction in Raccoon Creek has left a negative effect on the watershed. Some parts of the watershed are well maintained and producing positive results such as an abundance of wildlife. Other parts of the watershed are heavily polluted from historic unregulated coal mining. According to the RCP, "Of particular note is acid mine drainage (AMD), a form of pollution caused by runoff from mines when exposed metals mix with surface water and oxygen and cause highly acidic water. This creates orange tinted streams and kills aquatic life."  To find out even more about the Raccoon Creek Partnership, visit their website www.Raccooncreek.org or their Facebook page.

     Amy Mackey, Raccoon Creek Watershed Coordinator, and Natalie Kruse, Board of Directors Chair, were kind enough to meet at our Athens office to educate us on what the organization does, receive the check and take a photo. We were very happy to meet them and learn a little about the history of Athens and our surrounding counties waterways. We hope you will become familiar with this group, as well!

For donations, make checks payable to the:

Raccoon Creek Partnership

and send to:

Raccoon Creek Partnership

Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs

c/o Amy Mackey

The Ridges, Building 22

Athens, OH 45701

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