Jack and Sara's Summer Road Trip: Installment Two

When we left Jack and Sara last month, college sweethearts Jack and Sara were en route to New Orleans during the first leg of their summer-long road trip. Conscientious travelers, they had obtained short-term insurance for their car, travel health insurance to ensure they'll have medical coverage should they venture into Mexico. With so much preparation and protection, what could possibly go wrong?

Chapter Three: Surprise Proposal!

During the first phase of their journey, taking the roundabout way from Ohio to New Orleans, Jack and Sara stop at a romantic B&B, and he asks her a question she didn't seen coming. With a sizable diamond ring in hand (purchased with the money he earned during four consecutive summers doing landscaping) he gets on one knee and asks Sara to be his bride. She says yes, tears fall, champagne flows, and the trip becomes about much more than just seeing the sights; it's now the first in what they hope will be a lifetime of shared adventures. Sara shows off her ring to the geriatric proprietor of the B&B, who squints to get a closer look before opening her eyes wide and exclaiming, "Holy smokes! What a rock!" Considering the immense monetary value of the jewel, which is almost as great as the sentimental value, Jack and Sara determine to insure it, just in case it slips from Sara's slender finger and goes missing.

Since they rent an apartment back home, Jack and Sara decide to simply add a rider onto their existing renter's insurance policy, which will protect the ring and other valuables. (When they buy a home, they can do the same with their homeowner's insurance policy.) It's a cinch, and they're back on the road in no time, headed toward the Big Easy.

Chapter Four: Sheepish Houseguests:

The Smiths are longtime friends of Sara's parents who live in New Orleans and have welcomed her and Jack to use their house as a home base while they explore the many charms of the Big Easy. Grateful and well-mannered houseguests, Jack and Sara go out of their way to be as unobtrusive as possible while boarding in the Smith's beautiful old home near the French Quarter. But in spite of their best efforts things go slightly awry on the last day of their stay. Jack is unaccustomed to the new car's shifter, and while meaning to back out of the Smith's driveway he accidentally plows straight into their garage, not realizing he had the vehicle in drive. Doh!

Their short-term auto insurance will cover the cost of repairing the minor damage to the car, but what about the Smith's house? Jack and Sara offer to fork over the cash for a new garage, but the Smiths brush them off. Their homeowner's insurance provides coverage for damage to their property caused by visitors, and will cover the cost of replacing the garage. Jack and Sara sheepishly say farewell to their kindly hosts and head toward their next destination, hoping to leave no more devastation in their wake.

Tune in next month, and see what happens to Jack and Sarah on the next leg of the journey.

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