How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Alysia Brady

Are you leaving for one last vacation before fall?! We have a few tips, provided by the Cincinnati Insurance Co. blog, on how to prepare your home before you leave to ensure there is less of a chance you become a target of theft!

Be sure your home does not look unoccupied!

  1. Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
  2. Disconnect your garage door opener.
  3. Make your driveway look active. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway so it looks like someone is home.
  4. Make sure mail and newspaper deliveries are picked up or stopped. If you have 3 newspapers on your porch, it is obvious you are not home.
  5. Do not announce your vacation on voicemail or social media! People are being targeted after posting about their vacation on facebook or other social media methods.
  6. In the summer months, arrange for your grass to be mowed. In the winter months, arrange for your driveway to be shoveled.
  7. Use automatic timers to turn lights on and off

If you follow these steps, you might be one less theft statistic! Request a Review of Insurance to be sure you're adequately insured!

Information obtained from the Cincinnati Insurance Co blog post:

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