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Posted by: Alysia Brady

You rely on your independent insurance agent to guide you through the purchasing and understanding of your personal insurance needs. How often after the initial purchase do you review your policies? Your insurance needs will likely change over time. As you get married, start a family, grow your family and move your children out, it is important to review your policies with your agent and evaluate the most suitable coverage for you! 

The Cincinnati Insurance Company has provided a list of a few questions to ask yourself when you get your renewal:

1. New roof, wiring, plumbing or heating systems? Have you done any renovations? Did you buy new Custom appliances? These items are extremely important in determining the reconstruction cost of your home so that in the event of a total loss, your home can be rebuilt just as it was before.

2. Do you still own that piece of jewelry or that collection you have listed on your personal items policy? Have you made any other purchases such as cameras, guns, jewelry or musical instruments that need to be added? These questions definitely need to be addressed.

3. Have any of your children graduated high school and moved to college? If your son or daughter does not have regular access to your car anymore, you may be able to save premium while your child is away.

4. Do you have a need for a personal umbrella policy? For a very reasonable premium, umbrella policies give you worldwide liability coverage above your current policy limits as well as possibly giving you coverage for things that may not be covered in your primary policy.

Ask your independent insurance agent if you are properly covered and decide if any changes need to be made on your renewal policy. Mathews Insurance, Inc remains most willing to review your insurance needs and provide you with the dependable service you deserve!

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(Information above was obtained from the Cincinnati Insurance Company blog that was written by Eric Kuennemeier)

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