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Enormous inflatable bouncy castles also known as bounce houses are often seen at kids' birthday parties and the like. They're colorful, bulbous enclosures where cake and ice cream filled youngsters can jump to their hearts' content, burn off some of the manic sugar buzz, and one would presume stay out of harm's way. In recent months, however, what once seemed to be a benign source of entertainment for the young and young and heart has come to be regarded as a menacing, potentially injurious if not deadly choice for party-day entertainment.
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Personal Umbrella Policies are liability insurance policies with very high limits of protection, typically starting at $1,000,000. They are designed to add a layer of protection above other kinds of personal liability coverage such as the liability protection found in a personal auto, homeowner or boat insurance policy. These kinds of policies are meant to protect you should you be deemed legally responsible for injury to persons or property. Personal injury can include non-physical injury like libel or slander.
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