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There is no shortage of distractions in the modern world. Distracted driving has become a national issue, and many schools and public agencies are scrambling to raise awareness of the problem. The National Safety Council estimates that one in four car accidents involve cell phone use, but many people still believe that talking or texting while driving is harmless. Using electronics while driving is only one of the dangerous habits that have become all too common for today's drivers.
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Many parents rightly experience a strong anxiety when turning over the car keys to their new teen driver. There are a several things a parent can do to make sure that the teenage driving experience is a safe one. First, teenagers need to understand that driving is a privilege, not a right. With privileges come certain responsibilities. It is best to make those responsibilities and the consequences for not meeting them as clear as possible. One way to do that is with an actual contract between parents and teenagers built around the concept of graduated licensing and restrictions for high risk situations.
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