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Alysia Brooks

Just reading the title you might think, "Great, another agent trying to sell me on paying even more for my insurance than I already am." You will actually find that it is much more affordable to carry the higher limits than you think. You might also think, "I don't
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Alysia Brady

According to The Cincinnati Insurance Company's blog on How to Protect Yourself from Fraud, "The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that insurance fraud accounts for about 10% of all property casualty claims." Falling victim to a dishonest contractor damages not only your home, but your pockets too. Here are a few tips, provided by the Cincinnati Insurance Company, that might help you recognize a fraud so that you do not become another fraud statistic!
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Posted by: Alysia Brady

You rely on your independent insurance agent to guide you through the purchasing and understanding of your personal insurance needs. How often after the initial purchase do you review your policies? Your insurance needs will likely change over time. As you get married, start a family, grow your family and move your children out, it is important to review your policies with your agent and evaluate the most suitable coverage for you!
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Posted by Alysia Brady

After a harsh and seemingly never ending winter, spring has finally arrived! As a responsible homeowner, there are several chores that should be completed during the spring season. The Cincinnati Insurance Company has provided the to-do list below to ensure your property is properly maintained to decrease the probability of a liability claim.
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We've said it before: the distinction between a small and large business is somewhat arbitrary. At what point in the business growth life cycle do you cross over? One way to answer the question is when your business no longer qualifies for a Business Owners Package Policy. The BOP bundles up several kinds of insurance protection in one policy. But as business become larger the risks they pose become more varied and difficult to address in one policy.
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Personal Umbrella Policies are liability insurance policies with very high limits of protection, typically starting at $1,000,000. They are designed to add a layer of protection above other kinds of personal liability coverage such as the liability protection found in a personal auto, homeowner or boat insurance policy. These kinds of policies are meant to protect you should you be deemed legally responsible for injury to persons or property. Personal injury can include non-physical injury like libel or slander.
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