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It's that time of year when high school and college students are out of school, and many are looking for summer work. It's also the time when some seasonal businesses pick up, and many depend on solid summer help. Hiring seasonal workers?
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A study published just last month explains that it isn't merely a lack of physical exercise that leads to poor cardiovascular health. It turns out that the very act of sitting is also hard on the heart, even in a person who exercises.
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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the scent of barbecue is in the air. It's summer in Ohio, and unlike the kids who've been temporarily liberated from their version of a nine-to-five-school, the grown ups of the world must continue with their regular workaday lives in spite of the siren call of this most tempting of seasons. Work can feel more tedious than usual during the summertime. Even those who sincerely love their jobs would readily trade a day at work for a day by the pool.
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