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Insurance policies are made to be customized for a reason.The business executive has more income and assets to protect from liability claims than the recent college graduate.Families have more people to think about than young single people or an empty nester.And it is worth noting that the single person, the recent college graduate, the business executive and the empty nester can all be the same different times.We all have different pursuits, different incomes, different bank balances at different points in time.The insurance policies that make up your insurance program - your blanket of protection - need to be tweaked from time-to-time so that you are getting the right protection and benefiting from all available discounts.
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There is no shortage of distractions in the modern world. Distracted driving has become a national issue, and many schools and public agencies are scrambling to raise awareness of the problem. The National Safety Council estimates that one in four car accidents involve cell phone use, but many people still believe that talking or texting while driving is harmless. Using electronics while driving is only one of the dangerous habits that have become all too common for today's drivers.
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Most everyone knows that regular oil changes prolong engine life and help avoid expensive repairs but how often should you really change your oil? Here's some information to help you set the right interval.
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