February Non Profit Spotlight - Athens Food Rescue

Alysia Brooks

This year, our agency has decided to do a monthly "spotlight" for some of our local non-profits. We believe it is important to support and become more engaged in local organizations in hopes to really help our community grow and prosper.

Our first non-profit spotlight is Athens Food Rescue. This great organization participated in our December 2015 donation opportunity community poll and had a very strong following. This sparked my own interest and I decided to do a little more research. Their website http://athensfoodrescuete.wix.com/feed-the-world offers a lot of great info about who they are and what they do. You can also visit their FACEBOOK page. Please take a moment to read what they have written for us to share below.

Athens Food Rescue is an all-volunteer organization that aims to bridge the gap in our food system by increasing food waste diversion. We redistribute surplus food from donors and transport it directly to those in need, such as the hungry, homeless, or low income people. This promotes environmental health by reducing solid waste transported to landfills and decreases food insecurity in our region by providing meals to those in need.

Athens County has the highest food insecurity rate in Ohio at 20.5%, which is over 13,000 people. All these people are food insecure while at the same time 30-40% of food in America gets thrown away each year.  In the landfill this creates the greenhouse gas methane that is 21 times more potent at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Athens Food Rescue hopes to help reverse these trends in our community.

We currently collect food from Zoe, Texas Roadhouse, Witten Farm Stand, Chipotle, Bob Evans, a local café, Athens Country Club, and West 82 food court. We take all of this food to 9 local charities/churches with the hopes of expanding to others. These are My Sister's Place, The Gathering Place, Clem House, Respite Center, Timothy House, Rural Women's Recovery Program, Athens Church of Christ, First United Methodist, and UCM. In 2015 we collected over 6,500 lbs of food that would have otherwise been thrown into the garbage!!!


Mathews Insurance chooses these organizations at random and in no particular order. We believe all of our community's organizations are important and valuable. If you would like your organization spotlighted, please contact Alysia Brooks abrooks@mathewsinsurance.com.

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